Enhance today's processes and
enable tomorrow's

With a new generation of high performance metal powders
Based on research initially performed at MIT by our founding team, AtoMe develops unique compositions to reinforce today’s best in class alloys with ceramic nanomaterials, creating a new class of super metals with better durability and higher operating limits than ever before.
What can AtoMe’s materials offer?
AtoMe’s processes have been designed to uniformly incorporate nano-ceramics while maintaining key qualities like sphericity and low oxygen content. AtoMe powders can transition seamlessly into existing powder metallurgy processes, or we can help to develop a custom manufacturing plan to directly bring enhanced parts to your process.
Increased Mechanical
· Light-weighting
· Wear Resistance
· Machinability/Workability
Raised Temperature
· Fuel/Emission Savings
· Creep Lifetime
· Feasibility for
advanced technology
Higher Quality
· Crack/Pore Elimination
· Superior Durability
· Expanded Materials

our TEchnology

Currently available:
AtoMe enhanced nickel superalloys 625, 718, and 939

Under development:
AtoMe enhanced stainless steels, aluminums, and more!

Contact us to discuss your specific material needs
The headset is made to be worn for short daily sessions of 15 to 30 minutes
It's used in conjunction with a specifically designed activity from our app.

What is a current state of technology?

At the moment we are running pilot programs with some major players on the market.
The technology is reliable and stable.

When Mowito will be available?

We expect to deliver next year. Currently we are offering early access program, please contact us for further details.

Is it safe?

Mowito is friendly and safe for humans, animals and other forms of life. Mowito AI is friendly and non agressive.

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